Sweet Cakes

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Sweet Cakes

Sweet cakes, sweet cakes and more sweet cakes!

We thought it would be a great idea to give everyone a bit of insight into our little world of making sweet cakes!

We have been developing our sweet cakes in our shop for over 8 years now and we get more adventurous each year resulting in becoming a huge part of our business.

If anyone is unsure of how they are made  – they are built up on a polystyrene base wrapped in tin foil and formed using marshmallows and cocktail sticks to be filled entirely of sweets!

We make them up daily so they are fresh when they arrive to you through the post or when you come and collect them from the shop. We have developed a way of packaging them well meaning that when you have received them they are in perfect condition.

Although there are many to choose from on the website if you have any special requests simply email us or catch us on the phone to make a sweet cake up completely to your preferences!

We have had many requests over the years that have made us put our thinking cap on to create a masterpiece – but we have always got there in the end!

They come in all shapes, sizes and colours! The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing the sweet cakes – we try our absolute hardest to get them exactly how you desire them.

Take a little look below at some of the creations we have on our website (you can also click on the photos and it will take you to the website! –