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Bumper Bonanza Retro Sweet Hamper

Bumper Bonanza Retro Sweet Hamper

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The Bumper Bonanza Retro Sweet Hamper is brimming with every retro sweet you can imagine and even some you have forgotten! This sweet hamper includes:
dib dabs
chew bars
strawberry laces
Maoam Bloxx
balla sticks
Fini rollers.
love hearts.
milk chews.
Haribo packs.
gourmet lollies
fizz Wizz.
sherbet fountains.
mega double lollies
rock stick
candy watch
refresher stickpak
tanfastic stixx
maoam pinballs

 plus 6 x 200g packs of retro sweets, Jelly and fizzy mix cones, and flying saucers

contents may vary according to stock levels.