Lion Fruit Salad Gums
Lion fruit salad gums

Lion Fruit Salad Gums

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Lions Fruit Salad Gums taste just as good as ever, and they’ve been around a loooong time. An assortment of fruit shaped gummy treats which are just as chewy and made to perfection with real fruit juices. Fabulous quality old fashioned sweets that are totally irresistible.


    • Glucose syrup

    • sugar

    • beef gelatine

    • water

    • modified potato starch

    • acids (citric acid, acetic acid)

    • Flavourings

    • Palm oil

    • Colours (lutein, vegetable carbon, paprika extract, carmine, chlorophyll, cucumin)

    • Glazing agent (carnauba wax)

  • Plant concentrates (Safflower, spirulina)