Pigs and Teddies Sweet Cake

Pigs and Teddies Sweet Cake

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We love our Pigs & Teddies Sweet Cake - it's just so cute! 🐷🧸

This sweetie cake is made with some truly classic retro sweets, including giant strawberries, foam pigs, jelly teddies, foam shrimps and red berries. This fun sweet treat of a sweet cake is ideal for little kids and big kids alike. 

Sizes= small 18cms x 8cms, medium 24cms x 8cms, large 28cms x 8cms

IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFO: All Sweet Cakes are made fresh to order so please order 4 working days before required delivery.

We recommend 1 week shelf life to ensure freshness


  The outer part of our cakes are built up with cocktail sticks then the centre filled completely with sweets.